Capsule Pressure and Vacuum Gauges

Low pressure and vacuum capsule gauges are manufactured with a bellow type element, instead of a bourdon tube, which enables the gauges to deal with the very low pressure and vacuum ranges more efficiently.

Available in the following:

Mild steel case, brass internals.

Stainless steel case, brass internals.

All stainless steel.

Bellow element: Beryllium or stainless steel

Connections: Bottom and back

Available with: Front flange 3 hole fixing, clamp fixing with bracket and back flange.

Customized dials can be printed to suit your specific requirements.


For use in the measurement of low pressure and vacuum gases, which are compatible with all of the above gauge materials.

Manufactured According to: DIN EN 837-3

Standard Sizes: 63mm, 100mm, 160mm.

Accuracy: 1%, 1.6% FSD

Ranges: 0 - 25 mbar up to 0...600mbar,

{Also available in: Torr, in/Wg and Kpa}